This is Poductivity: Standardizing Audience Interaction Across the Podcast Industry

There’s a gap in podcasting.

There’s a gap in how we interact with our favourite shows. There’s a gap in how we truly talk to and with our audience as creators.

There’s a people problem.

Downloads are not people – but much of the time, we as podcast creators assume that they are.

There’s also a measurement challenge: our industry “best guesses” everything.

The IAB, its board and the podcast hosts across the industry, including our sister company’s podcast host, do their very best at standardizing how we measure a download, and people who own proprietary apps – from Apple to hosts like PodBean – try to give even more “people” oriented statistics that we can begin to use to measure the “person behind the download” and to determine true, show-by-show listening habits.

But I have a dream. No, I have a goal: to bridge the gap between what we believe that a listener does and what they’re actually doing.

I want us all to be able to measure exactly how many listeners do the things that we ask them to do.

I want to make your podcast more productive for you.

I want to give you data that you’ve never had.

I want you to be able to develop calls to action and even more, calls to interaction that your listener can use to directly engage with you, your show, your sponsors and your business.

Using only one tap.

This is Poductivity.

Standardizing Interaction Across the Podcast Industry

Interaction has become a very big deal during 2018 within the podcast industry.

A few companies have moved into the space, and it’s really encouraging to see. It’s an exciting opportunity for our industry to push some boundaries and innovate, maybe more than it’s ever done before.

We’ve been working quietly here at Poductivity, which is created by the same team behind Rebel Base Media, to develop something that we believe will change the way we think about podcast interactions.

It may take years to become a standard, but we’re going to do our very best for you as a podcaster – and for the brands helping our industry to grow through sponsorships – to give you unique, custom and personalised ways to interact with your audience.

Our interaction technology gives you the opportunity to set multiple, time-bound calls to action and interaction opportunities within each episode of your podcast.

Using a single-tap button with a context that shifts depending on what you’re asking your listener to do within any given timeframe, e.g. over a pre-roll sponsor  read, whilst telling them about your product, event ticket or merchandise, Poductivity allows your listener to act instantly to “get” whatever it is you’re asking them to get; Poductivity makes it easy for your listener to act.


Using just one tap.

We’ve been working closely with some outstanding third-parties to integrate donations, email marketing providers, product payments, merchandise ordering, membership platforms and so much more that will allow your listeners to subscribe to or purchase your goods/services with one tap.

And of course, your sponsors’ products and services, too.

If you know me, you know that I approach things a little differently – which is why Poductivity does all of this with just one tap, and nothing more.

No more clicking and form-filling on an overlay website.

No more taking people outside of your eco-system.  

We’re capturing excitement. We’re bottling serendipity.

Poductivity helps your podcast to become even more productive for you, the creator.

Voting modules, instant feedback modules and more allow you to create unique experiences for your audience and capture timely, instant and honest feedback from your audience at times that you specify within each episode so that you can do more of what works and what your audience wants.

With just that one tap.

This is the missing data that you’ve been waiting for as a podcaster, as a sponsor, as a network.

This is Poductivity.

Why did we wait to announce Poductivity?

We had some legal things to tie up meaning that our planned announcement at Podcast Movement 2018 became a teaser campaign.

Was it ideal?

It wasn’t. But it helped to create some buzz.

We made the decision to tease the brand versus simply not do anything at Podcast Movement. I thank you for your patience, truly you’ll never know how much myself and the whole team appreciates that.

What does Poductivity integrate with, and within which apps/platforms will listeners be able to “tap”?

We’re working very hard to make as many services “Poductivity Enabledas possible on launch.

This is a people process and takes time, so we will be announcing more of the specifics as we complete our R&D work.

I’m here to answer any questions, and I always will be.

You can email me personally on mark [at] poductivity [dot] com.


Mark Asquith

Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media & Poductivity, whose journey into podcast technology began in 2014. An accomplished founder, Mark is also a passionate podcaster and wears a hat mainly to cover his ever decreasing hairline.